What Does Seeing an Eagle Mean Spiritually?

what does seeing an eagle mean spiritually

Eagles are one of the most majestic birds of prey in the world. With massive wings and white heads, these flying critters are a wonder to behold. 

Although, the animals’ physical attributes aren’t what make them special. Eagles have a few unique connotations across different cultures. 

So, at this point, you may wonder, what does seeing an eagle mean spiritually? If that’s the case, then we can help you out. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at the symbolism of eagles and what they can represent. We’ll also cover the significance of the bird in different civilizations.

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What Do Eagles Symbolize? 

Eagles have been around for millions of years. During this time, they made a name for themselves as apex hunters. 

Because of that, some cultures fear the bird, while others revere it. So, depending on where you are in the world, the animal can represent different meanings. 

In this section, we’ll explore the symbolism of eagles around the globe. 

Strength and Power

As we mentioned, eagles are exceptional hunters. They excel at locating their prey and pouncing in a flash. 

That’s why the citizens of ancient Greece associated the bird with the god of thunder, Zeus. In fact, one of the main personifications of the lord of Mount Olympus was an eagle. 

For that reason, the animals usually symbolize strength and power. Seeing an eagle in ancient Greece was a sign that the heavens were on your side. 

People thought that it would endow them with the might of Zeus when they faced a foe. That meant no matter how tough the battle was, you’d emerge victorious. 

Courage and Independence

courage and independence

Eagles are fascinating creatures with many interesting behaviors. For example, fledglings only spend 12 weeks in the nest. 

After the chicks hatch, they grow quickly and leave home by the time they’re only a couple of months old. 

Because of that, a few cultures around the globe link the birds with courage. They had the willingness to leave the comfort of their nests behind and take on the world. 

Other than that, eagles are solitary creatures. That means they spend most of their time hunting alone and fending for themselves. 

The birds will travel for miles on their own, without the support of a flock. 


It should come as no surprise that many people associate eagles with freedom. For starters, these birds have massive wings. 

Because of that, with a couple of flaps, the animals can travel almost anywhere. So, when people see eagles fly around, it can give off a sense of liberty. 

Besides that, these birds are apex predators. This means that they sit on top of the food chain and don’t have any natural hunters. 

That gives them a sense of ease when they’re traveling through the wilderness. They don’t have to keep an eye out for danger to stay safe. 

Instead, they can focus on what really matters, like finding their next target. This represents freedom of the mind.


Native Americans have long correlated eagles with wisdom. That’s because of the birds’ hunting pattern.

When eagles are looking for prey, they’ll soar into the sky. They then use their laser-sharp eyes to pinpoint small animals. Although, that’s not all they’ll look out for. 

When they’re in the sky, eagles can scan large spaces in a flash. They keep an eye out for threats and other competing hunters. 

This bird’s-eye-view allows the animals to see the big picture. That’s where the connection to wisdom comes from.

Instead of only seeing the details in front of you, it’s best to take a step back and look at the grand design. 

Resurrection and Renewal

resurrection and renewal

Eagles are able to shed their feathers and grow new ones twice a year. That allows the animals to replace damaged or missing feathers.

Plus, it helps the birds adapt to their environment. For instance, they may grow more plum if they’re migrating to a colder climate. 

Because of that, eagles have a strong connection with resurrection. No matter how tattered or worn down they get, the birds can shed their old robes and put on new ones. 

That way, they’re ready to take on whatever challenges come their way the next day. 


Eagles are one of the most intelligent birds of prey in the world. They’re cunning and patient and use many unique tactics to capture their prey.

For example, the birds will study the movements of smaller animals to figure out how to catch them. Because of that, eagles have a strong link to exceptional intelligence. 

This is particularly clear in ancient depictions of the birds. Usually, you’ll see an eagle battling a bull or a lion.

The larger animal has the physical advantage and can overpower the bird. However, eagles are far smarter and can hold their own in this fearsome conflict. 


Another common ancient depiction of eagles is the battle with a serpent. In the works of art, you’ll see the birds intertwined with a snake in a never-ending clash. 

These masterpieces are a representation of the battle between good and evil. The strong, proud eagle stands for all that is right.

On the other hand, the wily serpent represents wrongdoings. 

This connection with light comes from the birds’ hunting habits. When eagles are in pursuit of prey, they’ll fly up to great heights. 

Then, they’ll align themselves with the sun and pounce. That way, the sunlight will blind the prey and stop it from escaping. 

This is also why many people relate eagles to justice from the heavens. 

Is Seeing an Eagle Good Luck?

Generally, most people consider seeing an eagle a sign of good luck. That’s because these birds can represent freedom, wisdom, and renewal. 

Seeing an eagle means that your luck is about to change for the better. It can be a signal that there’s a positive change coming into your life. 

Other than that, the animals can symbolize a righteous path. They can be trying to tell you that you’re on the precipice of achieving something great.  

Finally, some people believe that eagles carry messages from beyond the grave. So, when you see the bird flying around, it means someone you lost is watching over you.

What Does Seeing Multiple Eagles Mean?

So far, we’ve talked about what seeing a single eagle means. Yet, sometimes you can see these solitary creatures flying in groups. 

For that reason, in this section, we’ll cover what multiple eagles represent. As an added bonus, we’ll also talk about what it means when one of the birds lands on your house. 

Two Eagles Flying Together Spiritual Meaning

two eagles flying together spiritual meaning

While eagles are solitary creatures, they mate for life. Once they find a partner, they’ll seek them out every year during mating season. 

So, chances are, if you see two eagles flying around, they’re in love. 

As you can imagine, this can signal a few meanings. The first is eternal love. They’re showing you that feelings can persevere even in the harshest climates. 

Other than that, two eagles can represent good luck. It’s an omen that great things are just around the corner. 

Finally, the two birds can symbolize balance and harmony. Even though the eagles are fierce hunters, they can still share the sky and cooperate with others. 

Three Eagles Flying Together Meaning

While seeing two eagles can happen, finding three in the same spot is incredibly rare. That’s because the birds are exceptionally territorial and don’t like to share their space.

So, if you happen to see three eagles flying together, it’s your lucky day. 

First off, the birds can signal strength and courage. This means that you’ll be able to face any new challenges in your life.

Besides that, seeing three eagles can represent a major boost in intelligence. It can mean that you’re about to start a new path that will lead to great knowledge.

Moving on, the birds can also signal that you need a change in your life. They show you that maybe it’s time to spread your wings and leap. 

Even if there are other competitors around you, it’s time to soar. 

Eagle Sitting on House Meaning

eagle sitting on house meaning

Seeing an eagle sitting on your house can be a bit scary. Although, it’s usually a positive sign, so you can breathe out a sigh of relief. 

When this fearsome bird lands on your home, it tends to stand for protection. The bird will keep a watchful eye on your abode and scare away intruders. 

Other than that, the bird can represent the head of the household. It’s signaling that it found its match in the owner of the home in terms of strength. 

Wrapping Up

What does seeing an eagle mean spiritually? Eagles can represent a few characteristics depending on where you are in the world. 

For example, the ancient Greeks thought of the birds as symbols of strength and power. 

Besides that, eagles can mean courage, freedom, wisdom, and renewal. They can also symbolize intellect and light. 

Finally, if you see more than one eagle, or the bird lands on your home, it’s usually a sign of good luck.

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